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top 10 things to look forward to: week 7

October 14, 2010

10. Penn State is on the bye

Not the first thing you would expect me to be looking forward to, but Penn State’s crappy team is really starting to hit my nerves. At first, our victory over them seemed spectacular! And the striped stadium, how lovely. But then Illinois beat PSU at Happy Valley, which was awesome at first. We learned Penn State really doesn’t have it this year. But in order for our win over Penn State to actually mean anything, they have to perform in the next few weeks. They have Michigan, Northwestern, Ohio State, and Michigan State still to face. While I won’t be donning a Nittany Lions shirt anytime soon, I really hope they do something.
9. Iowa State v. Oklahoma

Just another angle at which our victory of Iowa State can mean something.
8. Law and Order: Los Angeles

I just watched the first episode this morning. SO GOOD. Not SVU good (nothing can top the superduo that is Benson-Stabler), but up there. The crimes are a lot more superficial (a celebrity’s necklace was stolen!) but the plot twists are a lot more ridiculous. Like M. Night Shyamalan pre-The Happening is writing them.

7. no. 13 Michigan State v. Illinois

Illinois could be on the uprise with their victory over Penn State, or it just could have been a fluke. Either way, Michigan State is going to be a very good test for the Fighting Irish Illini. MSU has just come off an awesome W against Michigan and can probably keep the momentum going over the next few weeks.

6. Green Bay Packers v. Miami Dolphins

Aaron is back! You guys underestimate how much I love this man.

5. Project Runway

It is getting down to the wire. There are only 5 contestants left and only 3 of the said 5 can go to New York Fashion Week. The past few seasons, Heidi Klum has “surprised” us all by letting 4 people go (it’s not really a surprise anymore) so I’m hoping this year they only let in 3. Or even 2 because only April’s clothes are wearable. In fact, Heidi should have April and Tim Gunn design clothing lines and battle it out. The episode would be so fierce that people might actually start watching Lifetime.

4. no. 15 Iowa v. Michigan

The return of the Hawkeyes! From what I can tell, Ferentz and his army of patriots have been doing work over the past few weeks preparing for this game. Michigan isn’t ranked anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t Top 25 material. Because they are.

Also, the return of the USA chant. It’s Ricky Stanzi’s America and we’re all just living in it.

3. Start of crucial stretch for Iowa

This Michigan game also starts a string of super important games in which Iowa MUST perform. Away at Michigan, home Wisconsin, home Michigan State, at Indiana, at Northwestern (dundundunnn) and home Ohio State. One slip up during any of those games could mess with the minds of the players and cause them to lose focus.

2. Iowa’s defense v. Denard Robinson

We’ve seen it written and talked about everywhere: Denard Robinson, Michigan’s QB, is a hybrid man-bird-John Elway-The Flash that we have not seen in the Big Ten in ages. He holds the record for Michigan AND Big Ten record rushing yards by a quarterback: 258 yds Ksdjfr38&^#&*$^! I mean, these numbers are made up. Or at least they seem like it. And this guys is just a sophomore.

On the other hand, Iowa has, arguably, one of the best defenses in the nation right now. The most recent USA Today rankings has Iowa at the no. 4 position in total defense, behind Boise State, TCU, and Ohio State. They allow just 242 yards per game (less than D. Robinson has rushed himself per game), and has only given up 6 touchdowns, the lowest amount of any team.

It’s going to be a very interesting game to watch given the pairing of a great offense against a great defense. And I don’t mean like how the Georgia Tech game was interesting (it wasn’t). Because both are Big Ten teams and have more similar playing styles than Big Ten v. ACC.

no 1. Ohio State v. no. 18 Wisconsin

I am slightly more excited for this game than Iowa’s, but not from a fans’ point of view. Obviously, every day is an exciting day when Iowa is playing. But this game has a lot at stake, plus its a night game which means I can watch it. And for once, I’m hoping for a big Badger W.