ten thoughts on the cluster-eff that was this past weekend

10. I need a minute

I still can’t believe this happened. I was in complete disbelief the entire afternoon, wondering where I messed up. I was all my fault, again. I bought a new shirt to wear the day of the game instead of wearing the same one I’ve always worn, and I jinxed it. The game was crazy confusing and I ended up cheering for things I shouldn’t have cheered for. I suck.

9. Badger Fans

They were surprisingly very very nice and respectful. I was at work all night and they tipped a good amount, didn’t rub anything in, and weren’t too drunk and beligerant. But I don’t work at Brother’s or Union, so I don’t know how they acted there.

8. Badger Fans Part II

But that was dinner time. Once 10pm hit, the rudeness came out of the shadows. Walking out on beers (they all only drink Miller Lite. I haven’t sold anyone a Miller Lite since last year) when I told them the kitchen was closed, pouring beer on the floor, etc. I saw a girl I went to high school with who goes to Wisconsin stumbling/tripping around Downtown with sunglasses on at midnight. One Wisconsin fan wearing a kilt lifted up his bottoms and peed all over our front window, exposing his whole business to everyone. He was arrested shortly.

7. Miller Lite

team coors light since 2007

Seriously, its the grossest beer in the world. I’d rather drink Keystone Ice mixed with dog poop.

6. At least we didn’t drop too low

We’re still in the top 20, which makes things much easier.

5. Ohio State v. Purdue

I was really hoping for a repeat for last year. I mean, Iowa State beat Texas! Missouri beat Oklahoma! Anything is possible! But if Ohio State let that happen, playing them in a few weeks wouldn’t be so awesome.

4. Missouri v. Oklahoma

So 2010 is the year for all no. 1 ranked teams to fall, week after week.

3. Iowa State v. Texas?

I can’t believe Iowa State beat Texas. Texas. The Longhorns. But you know what, good for them. It makes us look good too.

2. Clock managment?

I don’t care what Kirk Ferentz says, clock management WAS the reason we lost. I could have managed the time better than that, and I don’t know anything about anything.

1. Staying positive

The hardest part about this weekend was staying positive while everyone else whined about how we’re never going to beat Michigan State, Northwestern, or Ohio State. Every week is a different week, and the Hawks can bounce back like no other team.


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