top 10 reasons i’d rather do this than be a real sports reporter

10. Facts are boring

I could write about endless facts and ridiculous “records” (all time leader in tripping while running out of the locker room). Or I could just read them myself and summarize the interesting/relevent ones, saving you hours of boredom.

9. Also, no one understands them

There are too many numbers in stats. I realize that numnbers are the POINT of statistics, but I’m not a math major.

8. I enjoy sleeping too much

I need about 10 hours of sleep a night, and I’m not joking. Without an alarm, I won’t wake up until noon everyday. Even with an alarm, there is a 75% change I’ll turn it off in my sleep and wake up at noon anyway. Being awake for pre-game analysis and fighting to talk to coaches is not something I’m capable of doing.

7. And leading a normal life

I need time to hang out with my children (my cat and my dog), my boyfriend, my friends, and go to my job that actually makes me $$$$, serving/cocktail/bartender/manager. Perhaps the fact that I don’t leave work until 2:30am is the reason I sleep so late…

6. I get to post things like this:

5. I have ADHD

And no, its not an exaggeration. I lose track of time constantly, can’t be on the same website or work on the same project for more than 10 minutes, and I have a super bad habit of staring out windows and spacing out whenever anyone is talking to me. I have horrible grades because of it, and I’d be a horrible reporter because of it.

4. Blogging can be done anywhere

his name is wyoming and he is a gentleman

Including outside at the park with my dog!

3. Gossiping is fun!


i've never seen this show

Reporting rumors on the Brett Favre scandal? Not professional. Me spreading them like wildfire? Why not.

2. I could never not cheer for my team

There’s this rule that in the press box, you can’t cheer for any team. There is no way that I couldn’t cheer for Iowa under any circumstances. Even for $1,000,000. Okay, I could for that much money.

1. I can’t stand reporting

I hate everything about it. I hate interviewing people, writing boring stories about chicken laws or summarizing speeches, the crazy strict deadlines, and I don’t like the idea of having an editor to approve everything.

Mostly what ruined reporting for me was my T.A. for Reporting and Writing last year. She showed an example of an A+ story, and I had gotten a B. We had to read this story and it had SO MANY MISTAKES. The story covered a reading at Prairie Lights which I had also attended. The writer (a student in my class who was too embarrassed to name themselves) wrote a breif summary of the book, which was not remotely close to what the book was about. They also wrote that Pride and Prejudice was written by Emily Dickinson. And my teacher went on and on about how great of a journalist she was, how much knowledge she had… and I wanted to punch her.

So then why am I still a journalism major? Well, there are other aspects that I enjoy, like blogging, web design, publication design, etc. And it’s wayyy to late to change my major.


2 Responses to “top 10 reasons i’d rather do this than be a real sports reporter”

  1. top 10 reasons i'd rather do this than be a real sports reporter … graduate university Says:

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  2. samanthaterrill20 Says:

    I totally agree! 100%

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