top 10 reasons we should have seen this brett favre scandal coming

I’m going to take a short break from the Big Ten to focus on the 2nd closet conference to my heart: NFC North. I’m a huge fan of the conference in general, as I don’t have a particular team to call my own. I lost all hope in Chicago teams when I was about 10 years old. That’s when Michael Jordan retired. I took the Cubs back pretty quickly (that’s what Cubs fans do anyway), but the Bulls and the Bears still needed time. The Bulls are on their way back into my heart, but the Bears….I just can’t do it. My parents have accepted my decision, mostly because they’re glad I’m not a Packers fan. I’m afraid to tell them that I love Aaron Rodgers and his beard more than anything in the NFL right now.

Anyway, here is a bit of background information to this post: Brett Favre is some hick from Mississippi who decided he could play ball in the Big Leagues 20 years ago. He won the hearts of many with his good looks, strong jawline, and Southern Charm. After playing college ball along greats such as Nile Kinnick, he was drafted to the Green Bay Packers, part of my fave conference. He played there for 24 years until he decided he was old and done with football. Then he played for the New York Jets (where this scandal takes place), then decided he was old and tired. Then he played for the Minnesota Vikings, breaking the hearts of people like my boyfriend, who spent a good amount of his childhood living in Mississippi before moving to Milwaukee. Favre then decided his ankle hurt and since he couldn’t take any Vicoden, he should retired. Then he decided to play again. And that brings us to right now.

If you haven’t heard yet, there is a “sexting” scandal surrounding Brett Favre that took place during his 2008 season at the New York Jets. You can read all about it here:

Here are the top 10 reasons we should have all seen this coming:

10. He’s an athlete in the 21st century


i had to write a whole paper about this picture last year.


Athletes nowadays have to have a personal brand; they are all out to make a name for themselves rather than help their team (like LeBron v. Michael Jordan. He would never leave Chicago for Miami). The better the brand, the more devastating the scandal. I’d say Brett Favre has a pretty solid reputation (besides Benedict Arn0ld-ing the Packers) which deserves a solid controversy.


9. The Vikings have not been doing so well

After Michael Vick got out of the clank, he returned to the Eagle’s, took over the starting QB position, and has been playing phenomenally well this season. The Vikings have been shaky after a great run last year (and one of Favre’s best seasons), so more cowbell a scandal is exactly what the doctor ordered to fix this team.


8. He’s a family man.

So was Tiger Woods.


7. The retire/un-retire/retire/un-retire story was getting old

Every mention of Favre on ESPN in the past three years was about his ankle hurting and his retirement and which team would take him next. I could not have cared less.


6. His wife had cancer


i hope i look this good in my 40s and after surviving cancer



So did John Edward’s lady. Didn’t matter; he cheated on her and out popped a love child. Proof that public figures really don’t have any feelings.

5. He’s the oldest guy on the team


you could have gotten away with it if you were this young



Perhaps he was feeling left out because all of his young teammates were out hitting on women at clubs while he stayed home and hung out with his granddaughter (yes, he’s a grandpa). He just wanted to prove that he still has what it takes to roll with the boys. 90’s babies have never lived a day when Favre hasn’t play football. And they’re turning 21 this year.

4. Female reporters have been involved in all sorts of law suits.


this is quite similar to what i wear to job interviews


The latest being Ines Sainz, who claimed men in the New York Jet’s (surprise surprise!) locker room where making comments and catcalling at her while she waited for an interview with Mark Sanchez. Not to put women back 50 years, but she wears skin tight jeans and her boobs hang out of her 3-inch big tops while she’s reporting. Feminists are going to argue that a woman shouldn’t be judged by her clothing, but seriously. She wears low cut tops, posts bikini pictures, and asks to measure players’ biceps in interviews. A catcall is almost expected. The Erin Andrews scandal was even worse. She had a stalker that filmed her in a hotel room curling her hair without clothes on. She sued the hotel for $$$ for giving away her room number and one. And may I point out that she wears dress slacks, jackets, and tops that cover herself up on the job.

This girl, Jenn Sterger, was a Florida State Cowgirl (fake cheerleader) with fake boobs and a dream to pose for Playboy. Well, she did. Good for her. Then she decided she loves sports and wanted to be a reporter, so she signed on with the New York Jets as the in house reporter. But here’s where her story is different: yes there are bikini pictures of her out there. And she may not be a “real” journalist. But she rejected Brett Favre’s advances and kept herself covered while working.

3. He’s Brett Favre


i'm just a baby!


He can do anything–literally, anything– that is wrong and America’s reaction will be the same: “Aw shucks, it’s little Brett from Mississippi. He could never do something like that.” Well guess what. He did!

2. The allegations started around August.


his smirk is full of secrets



During the last hour of Googling my research I found that reports of this first started around August of this year with snapshots from pictures comparing the wrist watch on the hand in said photo to the watch Favre was wearing in a recent press conference. Surprise, the watches are identical. It wasn’t until now that MySpace messages (seriously Brett? MySpace? Are you 15-years-old?) and voicemails were discovered, sparking an investigation from the NFL

1. He was in New York


typical new york college students... gross


He gave of the Midwest for the East Coast. If you’ve read this blog before, you know that I despise the East Coast as much as I do Purdue (Iowa’s most hated rival). It messed with Favre’s head, gave him big city dreams. He worked hard, tried to meet the right people. He did things he would never mention again to get on top. He thought he was special from the other guys, only to find out that he wasn’t. Actually, that was last night’s episode of Boardwalk Empire.


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