ten thoughts about iowa’s win against pennsylvania state university

10. Kinnick looked GOOD

need i say more?

9.  Where were the PSU fans?

From the looks of it in the picture above, there were no Penn State fans there? I can tell from the black out by the far end zone that that side is the student section. If that is true, Penn State fans should have been located just to the left. But all I see are black and gold stripes. I’m not complaining or anything, just observing.
8. They don’t tip very well

probably because they have no place for their wallets

While they might have not been at the game (perhaps they were scared?), Penn State fans were downtown. A lot of them. I worked from 7:30am-2:00am and had my fair share of them to take care of. They were horrible tippers. Like 5-10%, if that. Even broke college students dig up change (or charge it to their parents) if they don’t have enough cash to leave a 20% tip.

7. To the guys wearing long sleeve shirts made out of paint…

I applaud you. To me, that is football. Wearing absolutely nothing (except a beer jacket) during the coldest games while never stopping to cheer on your team is something I’ve always associated with this time of year. But someone on a football forum pointed out that teams from the south (ACC/SEC) NEVER travel up north to play their games. The Big Ten always has to travel down there. Enjoying warm weather for an October/November game is always nice, but would it kill a southern team to come up here for once? I know I know, playing in 45-50 degrees is a lot to ask for a team like Florida, who actually doesn’t ever leave the state of Florida (because Florida is a weird state).

6. Adam Robinson is a force

He ran the ball 28 times this past game. 28! Although it only accounted for 95 total yards, the second lowest he’s had, he put up a good fight out there when Penn State finally started to shape up their defense in the second half. With Jewel Hampton out for the season and Brandon Wegher away being a child, 28 carries per game will probably start looking like the norm rather than a one time deal.

5. Bolden will be phenomenal in the next few years

That kid, just a little baby freshman, stood up against Iowa’s defense and came out alive. That in itself is something to praise. He looked a bit overwhelmed and nervous, but so would anyone that is in target of Adrian Clayborn. He went 20 for 37, which isn’t too terrible, but there were a lot of dropped passes. A lot. Some may have been his fault, other might not have been. But all I’m saying is give this guy a year or two and he could be one of the best college quarterbacks in the Big Ten.

4. Iowa fans are some of the best fans I’ve ever seen

like these two gentlemen at the boise state-virginia tech game

I have a lot of customer interaction at my place of employment, so I’ve seen all different types of fans. There are the drunk college guys who talk trash and throw out profanities about other teams, but what school doesn’t have those fans? The majority that I’ve had the opportunity to talk to really just love the game of football (duh, we’re in the Midwest). The respect Penn State as an amazing football program. They respect all other teams they play. They are all little clones of Kirk Ferentz, preaching sportsmanship and aerobic gum-chewing to the masses.

3. Kirk Ferentz prematurely rushing the field

"i'm so embarrassed!" "i won't tell"

Sorry Kirk! There was 0:01 on the clock, giving Penn State the opportunity to score the 3 touchdowns needed to beat Iowa.

2. What was Penn State thinking?

Beginning of the fourth quarter, Penn State is 4-and-1. And then they have a false start penalty called on them. Okay, poor judgment on that one. Then they punt it on 4-and-6.

They were at the 50-yard-line, why not try and make something out of it? They were down 17-3 in the fourth quarter! It would not have hurt anyone.

1. Clayborn came alive, once again.

Last year’s Penn State game was hailed as the birth of Adrian Clayborn. Everyone was expecting great, magical, wonderful things from him this season, but so far his stats failed to impress (even though his highlight reel totes has). This weekend, Clayborn had a season high 10 tackles, 3 of them for loss (total 19 yards), and a 15-yard sack.


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