top 10 things to look forward to: week 5

10. DJK has been shut up

Finally after weeks of wondering where DJK’s delightfully inspiring comments went, we have closure. Kirk Ferentz ordered him to shut up and focus on playing and he can talk to the press in January. But he can still Twitter, so I’m about to go look him up @DJKOULIANOS (notice the caps lock)….

His Twitter is gone 😦
9. Start of conference play

the best poster i've ever laid eyes on

This week will be a good test of which Big Ten teams will come out on top with Wisconsin v. Michigan State, Michigan v. Indiana, and Iowa v. Penn State

8. no. 11 Wisconsin v. no. 24 Michigan State

I don’t really care which team wins. I like Wisconsin better than Michigan State, but Wisconsin is ranked ahead of Iowa. Also, my Facebook is being harassed by my friends residing in Madison… so maybe I want Wisconsin to lose.
7. Return of Mark Dantonio

He’s back! And healthy! But staying in the pressbox just in case.
6. no. 2 Ohio State v. Illinois

what the hell is this?

Hopefully Illinois can pull a Purdue like last year and make OSU weep.
5. Homecoming Parade

Its not particulary exciting, but its different from everyday Iowa City. Some of the floats are awesome, and some of them are…not. Some are just a wooden plank (TKE from two years ago…)
4. One Week Closer to Jackass 3D

I’m transforming more and more into a 13-year-old boy as the days count down.
3. Another episode of Boardwalk Empire

If you haven’t seen this show yet, you better. It’s the bee’s knees. Also, Michael Pitt is in it, looking creepy as always.
2. no. 17 Iowa v. no. 22 Penn State

I think that’s all I have to say.

1. Return of the night game

I enjoy a good night game from time to time, what can I say? I’m not exactly a morning person. But after what happened in Arizona, I’m no longer a fan of football after dark. Thank goodness the game is in Kinnick this time.


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