top 10 big ten alumni you probably should have drafted for your fantasy team

10. Shonn Greene; Iowa
Current Team:
RB New York Jets
Current Ranking:
#24 overall; #14 in RBs

he's a sassy one

While he hasn’t had the best start in the 2010 season, (RB LaDainian Tomlinson has been outperforming him the last few weeks) there is still plenty of time for Greene to prove his worth and why he got drafted in the first place. He’s been improving since a not-so-good week 1 to an overall-ranked 24.

9. Rashard Mendenhall; Illinois
Current Team:
RB Pittsburgh Steelers
Current Ranking:
#19 overall, #15 in RBs

what he does best

Mendenhall has already racked up two 100-yard games by the end of week 3, bringing his total yards up to 332. Overall, he should have an impressive year ahead of him, despite coming from University of Illinois which has literally dropped off the map football-wise.
8. Beanie Wells; Ohio State
Current Team:
RB Arizona Cardinals
Current Ranking:
#59 overall, #17 in RBs

Wells twisted his knee in the week 3 win against Oakland, but should still be able to play this week at San Diego. He was able to carry an average of 5.5 yds-per-rush against Oakland and should be just as impressive throughout the rest of the season.
7. Brandon Graham; Michigan
Current Team:
DE Philadelphia Eagles
Current Ranking:
#205 overall

the happiest man in football

Although he’s only made one NFL appearance so far, he manages to get an impressive two tackles and one sack against the Detroit Lions in week 2.
6. Bryan Bulaga; Iowa
Current Team:
T Green Bay Packers
Current Ranking:

i cried from excitement the first time i saw him on the field

He has only made a few appearances on the field this season, but there is a reason that Green Bay drafted him in the first round. He has great potential, is surprising fast for being a giant sequoia tree in his spare time (6’5″ 315lbs…literally three of me), and is a great addition to the Packers’ already amazing O-Line.

5. Dallas Clarke; Iowa
Current Team:
TE Indianapolis Colts
Current Ranking:
#40 overall, #1 in TEs

i could do without the creepy facial hair

No duhhh that Clarke is doing well. He’s Dallas Clarke. He’s averaging a healthy 10yds-per-carry and has a total of 11 first downs in the first three games. Can’t get much better than that.

4. Drew Brees; New Orleans Saints, Purdue
Current Team:
QB New Orleans Saints
Current Rankings:
#7 overall, #4 in QBs

his secret? olive oil, apparently

Coming off from winning the Superbowl against Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, Brees is on top of the world. He’s been improving week after week (if that’s even possible) and although he’ll likely be in a knee brace this Sunday, it shouldn’t slow him down. He’s averaged 385yds against the Carolina Panthers, the team the Saints is slated to play this weekend.

3. Tom Brady; Michigan
Current Team:
QB New England Patriots
Current Ranking: #17 overall, #3 in QBs

please. cut. your. hair.

Brady has already thrown 8 TD passes and only 2 interceptions so far this season with an average of about 270 throwing yards per game. He’s thrown over 300yds against Miami the last two meetings and hopes to do it again this weekend.
2. Pierre Thomas; Illinois
Current Team:
RB New Orleans Saints
Current Ranking: #31 overall, #8 in RBs

Thomas missed two practices in a row due to an knee injury, but still might play this Sunday. If he stays healthy, he’ll probably move up the RB rankings after this next game, especially because fellow RB Reggie Bush is set to be out for another three weeks with a fibula fracture.
1. Tony Moeaki; Iowa
Current Team:
TE Kansas City Chiefs
Current Ranking: Not in top 200

Yes, Tony Moeaki is not ranked yet. But that one handed catch last week speaks for itself. He’s just a baby out of college and already has some impressive things under his belt, and its obvious that Chiefs’ QB Matt Cassel has a lot of faith in him. Expect some awesome things from him in the future. Also, he’s from Wheaton, IL, where I worked at Jamba Juice for three years in high school. Hometown represent.

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