top 10 things to look forward to: week 4

10. Boise State v.  Oregon State

But I can’t watch the game. That blue field makes me want to vomit.
9. Alabama v. Arkansas

If Arkansas can rally and beat no. 1 Alabama, it would be monumental. Alabama has been on top for a long time and there aren’t any signs of them stopping
8. Penn State v. Temple

go temple!

I was reading Adam Rittenburg’s blog and some guy wrote in completely bashing his prediction that Temple will get 13 points. I hope to God that happens.

7. Saturday Breakfast

Can I just reiterate how much I love breakfast? And since the game is back to its normal time, 11:00am, I can eat all I want while I watch the Hawkeyes.

6. Homecoming Week

Homecoming Week kicks off Sunday and while there are TONS of free, fun events happening, it’s basically just a countdown until the Saturday football game. Plus, Kinnick will be attempting a huge task–trying to color coordinate the stadium sections. Even sections are gold and odd sections as well as the student section are black. We’ll see how that turns out.
5. Eastbound & Down Premiere

I’ve gone months without staring at Kenny Powers’ luxurious mullet, and his constant Facebook updates (yes, we are Facebook official friends) are taunting me. He ditched the love of his life, April, at a gas station last season and I really need to know what happens next. That, and The Office has been pretty boring the last few seasons and I need a new show to watch.
4. Wisconsin and Ohio State

Just hoping they will both lose. That’s all. I have lots of friends that go to Wisconsin and they can’t keep their cheese filled mouths shut about being 3-0.
3. Monday Night Football

proper beard execution

Packers v. Bears! Although I grew up in the Chicago Suburbs and was a huge Bears fan growing up, I kinda gave up on them years ago. And I just can’t find the heart to take them back. Nor am I a Packers fan, but Aaron Rodgers is my MAN. Not to mention he has a great beard.
2. Iowa v. Ball State

From the looks of it, Iowa is still hungover (in both uses of the term) from the Arizona upset this past weekend. Iowa needs a great comeback to not only prove to everyone else that they still got it, but to prove it to themselves too.
1. My Birthday!

Well yes, in my opinion she's old as hell

Tuesday is my 22nd birthday. I’m going to be so old. Older than Derrick Rose and Miley Cyrus.


2 Responses to “top 10 things to look forward to: week 4”

  1. thehalfguard Says:

    I’m also anxious to see how well the Black & Gold spirit game turns out as far as color coordination…although I can’t help but think it won’t turn out too well.

  2. Kif Richmann Says:

    In retrospect, as much as I love celebrating birthdays, (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) Eastbound should be #1! Followed by Monday Night Football; sorry, but I would’ve bumped Iowa vs. Ball State and the stinkin Boise State. I also have a nauseating reaction to the smurf turf. Gross.

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