top 10 things to look forward to: week 2

Having Monday off class really set the mood for this whole week: it needs to be over. It only took 23 days, but it’s finally Friday! Time to forget about class and try to make a lot of $$$ and eat some breakfast burritos at work (yum!).

Oh, and watch football. Maybe.

Well, in celebration of my always building excitement for the weekends, here is week 2’s list of things that probably only I everyone should be effing pumped about.

10. The Return of the Magic Bus!!

Although at a much less convenient location, its back, and that’s all that matters.

9. Ohio State v. Miami

I thoroughly enjoy any opportunity for Ohio State to hopefully fail.

8. Penn State v. Alabama

Crimson Tide, a rare elephant species primarily found in bayous

The first few games are supposed to be joke ones. You know, the ones that you’re guaranteed to win. Penn State is an amazing team, but they are the joke-win for Alabama. Dang.

7. Turrible Weather affecting games?

current picture of what’s brewing over Indiana

According to, some righteous thunderstorms are going to the tear up the western portion of the Midwest, affecting the games in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

6. Start of the NFL


The fact that NFL games are on Sunday after college games on Saturday is genius, in my book. Every week, I watch college football games and think “How can they do that?!” These are people my age sacrificing their bodies in ways never seen by human eyes before. But then 24 hours later, the guys out there playing are aliens. Or robots. Or something not remotely human. Their talent is big enough to shut Simon Cowell up.

5. Watching drunk people fall

This is what showed up when I googled “drunk person”

One of the many perks of being a server/cocktail waitress/bartender/manager of the bar in the Pedestrian Mall.

4. Kegs n Eggs

Bars are open for breakfast, which means I get to eat some DELICIOUS FOOOOOD while I watch football. Except for my favorite thing in the world, poached eggs. Word is that poached eggs are every kitchen’s nightmare.

3. Iowa v. Iowa State

Proving once again that Iowa is, indeed, the Hawkeye State.

2. Illinois v. Southern Illinois

Cutest. Puppy. Ever.

Hahahahah just kidding.

1. The most offensive t-shirts. ever.

ughh boring.

Especially on the Iowa v. Iowa State front. I can’t even post a picture of them on a class project website.


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