top 10 things i’m looking forward to this football season

It’s finally here! NCAA Football starts this evening, and I am as happy as a small child playing with a small puppy. Big Ten football starts in just two days, less than 48 hours, and less than I can wait. To celebrate the increasing amounts of ants in my pants, today’s Top 10 will showcase the things I’m most looking forward to this football season.

10. Fans screaming at TV’s

For some reason, I just love when people yell at televisions like they’re people. On top of being hilarious, I think some of those people actually think yelling at an inanimate object will change the score of whatever game they happen to be watching.

9. Food stands

Giant turkey legs? Yes please. Biggest brats in Iowa? Sure, I’ll take one. Greasiest onion rings this side of the Mississippi? Sign me up.

8. Campus Brotherhood

There are over 30,000 people on campus at Iowa. And for one day, no matter how different they are, they are Hawkeye fans.

7. The t-shirts


From the clever to the offensive, people never cease being creative.

6. The Fans

Call them drunk, call them idiots, call them whatever you want. Just don’t call them undedicated.

5. Game changing plays
Especially when they come from out of nowhere and make you tingle all over.

4. Heisman

I love the idea of the Heisman. It’s every college football player’s dream, and I love anything that has to do with people’s dreams coming true.


Well duh. Tailgating is the only valid reason for anyone to be pounding Keystone Lights at 6am (that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t do that any time he pleases… he just wouldn’t have an excuse). It brings fans together to talk trash about the opposing team. It is the glue that holds everything football together.

2. Ridiculous Plays

I’m sorry, but how is blocking two field goal attempts even possible?!?!

1. Rivalries

OSU v. Michigan. Iowa v. Wisconsin. Michigan v. Michigan State. Each has decades of history, hate, respect, and drinking.


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