ten thoughts on the cluster-eff that was this past weekend

October 25, 2010

10. I need a minute

I still can’t believe this happened. I was in complete disbelief the entire afternoon, wondering where I messed up. I was all my fault, again. I bought a new shirt to wear the day of the game instead of wearing the same one I’ve always worn, and I jinxed it. The game was crazy confusing and I ended up cheering for things I shouldn’t have cheered for. I suck.

9. Badger Fans

They were surprisingly very very nice and respectful. I was at work all night and they tipped a good amount, didn’t rub anything in, and weren’t too drunk and beligerant. But I don’t work at Brother’s or Union, so I don’t know how they acted there.

8. Badger Fans Part II

But that was dinner time. Once 10pm hit, the rudeness came out of the shadows. Walking out on beers (they all only drink Miller Lite. I haven’t sold anyone a Miller Lite since last year) when I told them the kitchen was closed, pouring beer on the floor, etc. I saw a girl I went to high school with who goes to Wisconsin stumbling/tripping around Downtown with sunglasses on at midnight. One Wisconsin fan wearing a kilt lifted up his bottoms and peed all over our front window, exposing his whole business to everyone. He was arrested shortly.

7. Miller Lite

team coors light since 2007

Seriously, its the grossest beer in the world. I’d rather drink Keystone Ice mixed with dog poop.

6. At least we didn’t drop too low

We’re still in the top 20, which makes things much easier.

5. Ohio State v. Purdue

I was really hoping for a repeat for last year. I mean, Iowa State beat Texas! Missouri beat Oklahoma! Anything is possible! But if Ohio State let that happen, playing them in a few weeks wouldn’t be so awesome.

4. Missouri v. Oklahoma

So 2010 is the year for all no. 1 ranked teams to fall, week after week.

3. Iowa State v. Texas?

I can’t believe Iowa State beat Texas. Texas. The Longhorns. But you know what, good for them. It makes us look good too.

2. Clock managment?

I don’t care what Kirk Ferentz says, clock management WAS the reason we lost. I could have managed the time better than that, and I don’t know anything about anything.

1. Staying positive

The hardest part about this weekend was staying positive while everyone else whined about how we’re never going to beat Michigan State, Northwestern, or Ohio State. Every week is a different week, and the Hawks can bounce back like no other team.


top 10 things to look forward to: week 8

October 22, 2010

10. Penn State v. Minnesota


the gopher making fun of a penn state player for praying before the game. awesome.

If Penn State can’t beat Minnesota, then all hope is lost.


9. Michigan on the bye

This emergency bye weekend (they were supposed to play but choose to eat Ben & Jerry’s and watch Lifetime, wondering where things went wrong instead) will give Michigan a bit of time f0r 1) D. Rob’s shoulder to recover, 2) look at these pictures, and 3) Put out a want ad for defensive line players.

8. Purdue v. no. 10 Ohio State

Crossing my fingers for a repeat of last year.


7. no. 7 Michigan State v. Northwestern

If there is one team that sucks in all categories except upsetting undefeated teams, it’s Northwestern. Maybe if they beat MSU this week, the craving for the taste of blood will subside by the time Iowa gets to Evanston.

6. Heisman Watch

tom brady? justin bieber? ricky????

Anddd it’s official! Ricky Stanzi is the Big Ten’s and America’s no. 1 prospect for the Heisman! He’s no. 3 in the nation for passing efficiency, only thrown 2 interceptions, and is miles away from the mistake-filled 2009 season.


5. no. 1 Oklahoma v. no. 11 Missouri

There are three games that put top 25 v. top 25 and none of those games should disappoint. I’m going with Oklahoma on this one, even though I love the Midwest AND brunch was invented in Missouri. I just don’t understand the whole concept of “Mizzou” being easier to spell/say than Missoui and they stole Iowa’s colors. Soon, they’ll steal our uniforms which we already stole from the Steelers.


4. no. 6 LSU v. no. 4 Auburn

This game will decide who has a shot at the National Championship. Both teams will be playing the best they have all season (hopefully) and not using any illegal means (chloroform, brass knuckles) to win.


3. no. 13 Wisconsin v. no. 15 Iowa

The Wisconsin game is one I look forward to all season, so it sucks that after this year the two teams won’t be able to meet as frequently.  Wisconsin has just come off a great win knocking Ohio State out of the no. 1 position at Camp Randall. The Red Communists Badgers are notorious for doing well at their home stadium (and no so much on the road) and Camp Randall is one of the hardest stadiums to play in. Probably from all of the jumping. And the penny throwing. And that the student sections yell “F*** YOU” and “EAT SH*T” at each other–not at Iowa fans (I’ve never figured out why). But this time, Wisconsin is coming to Iowa City, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. No jumping is tolerated and yelling curse words is not encouraged. But tailgating is, so Wisconsin fans will fit right in.

2. I can wear my favorite shirt

if she turned around, you would see that her shirt supports wisconsin

It says, “Wisconsin Girls Have Cottage Cheese Thighs”. I hate cheese.


1. Family Weekend

how the dance floor will look at It's The Union Bar and Grill this weekend

My BF’s family is coming into town. He’s from Milwaukee. They are all Badger fans, except his parents are slowing converting. His sisters are a 25-year-old lawyer and a 28-year-old ESL teacher. They like to get drunk and mean as rattlesnakes and take vodka shots at 8am.

top 10 reasons i’d rather do this than be a real sports reporter

October 17, 2010

10. Facts are boring

I could write about endless facts and ridiculous “records” (all time leader in tripping while running out of the locker room). Or I could just read them myself and summarize the interesting/relevent ones, saving you hours of boredom.

9. Also, no one understands them

There are too many numbers in stats. I realize that numnbers are the POINT of statistics, but I’m not a math major.

8. I enjoy sleeping too much

I need about 10 hours of sleep a night, and I’m not joking. Without an alarm, I won’t wake up until noon everyday. Even with an alarm, there is a 75% change I’ll turn it off in my sleep and wake up at noon anyway. Being awake for pre-game analysis and fighting to talk to coaches is not something I’m capable of doing.

7. And leading a normal life

I need time to hang out with my children (my cat and my dog), my boyfriend, my friends, and go to my job that actually makes me $$$$, serving/cocktail/bartender/manager. Perhaps the fact that I don’t leave work until 2:30am is the reason I sleep so late…

6. I get to post things like this:

5. I have ADHD

And no, its not an exaggeration. I lose track of time constantly, can’t be on the same website or work on the same project for more than 10 minutes, and I have a super bad habit of staring out windows and spacing out whenever anyone is talking to me. I have horrible grades because of it, and I’d be a horrible reporter because of it.

4. Blogging can be done anywhere

his name is wyoming and he is a gentleman

Including outside at the park with my dog!

3. Gossiping is fun!


i've never seen this show

Reporting rumors on the Brett Favre scandal? Not professional. Me spreading them like wildfire? Why not.

2. I could never not cheer for my team

There’s this rule that in the press box, you can’t cheer for any team. There is no way that I couldn’t cheer for Iowa under any circumstances. Even for $1,000,000. Okay, I could for that much money.

1. I can’t stand reporting

I hate everything about it. I hate interviewing people, writing boring stories about chicken laws or summarizing speeches, the crazy strict deadlines, and I don’t like the idea of having an editor to approve everything.

Mostly what ruined reporting for me was my T.A. for Reporting and Writing last year. She showed an example of an A+ story, and I had gotten a B. We had to read this story and it had SO MANY MISTAKES. The story covered a reading at Prairie Lights which I had also attended. The writer (a student in my class who was too embarrassed to name themselves) wrote a breif summary of the book, which was not remotely close to what the book was about. They also wrote that Pride and Prejudice was written by Emily Dickinson. And my teacher went on and on about how great of a journalist she was, how much knowledge she had… and I wanted to punch her.

So then why am I still a journalism major? Well, there are other aspects that I enjoy, like blogging, web design, publication design, etc. And it’s wayyy to late to change my major.

top 10 things to look forward to: week 7

October 14, 2010

10. Penn State is on the bye

Not the first thing you would expect me to be looking forward to, but Penn State’s crappy team is really starting to hit my nerves. At first, our victory over them seemed spectacular! And the striped stadium, how lovely. But then Illinois beat PSU at Happy Valley, which was awesome at first. We learned Penn State really doesn’t have it this year. But in order for our win over Penn State to actually mean anything, they have to perform in the next few weeks. They have Michigan, Northwestern, Ohio State, and Michigan State still to face. While I won’t be donning a Nittany Lions shirt anytime soon, I really hope they do something.
9. Iowa State v. Oklahoma

Just another angle at which our victory of Iowa State can mean something.
8. Law and Order: Los Angeles

I just watched the first episode this morning. SO GOOD. Not SVU good (nothing can top the superduo that is Benson-Stabler), but up there. The crimes are a lot more superficial (a celebrity’s necklace was stolen!) but the plot twists are a lot more ridiculous. Like M. Night Shyamalan pre-The Happening is writing them.

7. no. 13 Michigan State v. Illinois

Illinois could be on the uprise with their victory over Penn State, or it just could have been a fluke. Either way, Michigan State is going to be a very good test for the Fighting Irish Illini. MSU has just come off an awesome W against Michigan and can probably keep the momentum going over the next few weeks.

6. Green Bay Packers v. Miami Dolphins

Aaron is back! You guys underestimate how much I love this man.

5. Project Runway

It is getting down to the wire. There are only 5 contestants left and only 3 of the said 5 can go to New York Fashion Week. The past few seasons, Heidi Klum has “surprised” us all by letting 4 people go (it’s not really a surprise anymore) so I’m hoping this year they only let in 3. Or even 2 because only April’s clothes are wearable. In fact, Heidi should have April and Tim Gunn design clothing lines and battle it out. The episode would be so fierce that people might actually start watching Lifetime.

4. no. 15 Iowa v. Michigan

The return of the Hawkeyes! From what I can tell, Ferentz and his army of patriots have been doing work over the past few weeks preparing for this game. Michigan isn’t ranked anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t Top 25 material. Because they are.

Also, the return of the USA chant. It’s Ricky Stanzi’s America and we’re all just living in it.

3. Start of crucial stretch for Iowa

This Michigan game also starts a string of super important games in which Iowa MUST perform. Away at Michigan, home Wisconsin, home Michigan State, at Indiana, at Northwestern (dundundunnn) and home Ohio State. One slip up during any of those games could mess with the minds of the players and cause them to lose focus.

2. Iowa’s defense v. Denard Robinson

We’ve seen it written and talked about everywhere: Denard Robinson, Michigan’s QB, is a hybrid man-bird-John Elway-The Flash that we have not seen in the Big Ten in ages. He holds the record for Michigan AND Big Ten record rushing yards by a quarterback: 258 yds Ksdjfr38&^#&*$^! I mean, these numbers are made up. Or at least they seem like it. And this guys is just a sophomore.

On the other hand, Iowa has, arguably, one of the best defenses in the nation right now. The most recent USA Today rankings has Iowa at the no. 4 position in total defense, behind Boise State, TCU, and Ohio State. They allow just 242 yards per game (less than D. Robinson has rushed himself per game), and has only given up 6 touchdowns, the lowest amount of any team.

It’s going to be a very interesting game to watch given the pairing of a great offense against a great defense. And I don’t mean like how the Georgia Tech game was interesting (it wasn’t). Because both are Big Ten teams and have more similar playing styles than Big Ten v. ACC.

no 1. Ohio State v. no. 18 Wisconsin

I am slightly more excited for this game than Iowa’s, but not from a fans’ point of view. Obviously, every day is an exciting day when Iowa is playing. But this game has a lot at stake, plus its a night game which means I can watch it. And for once, I’m hoping for a big Badger W.

top 10 rivalries in the big ten

October 13, 2010

According to the Internet, the Big Ten has the largest amount of official rivalries out of any college conference in the United States. Here is a giant list to prove it. If you don’t feel like counting, there are 16 official (as in, there is some sort of traveling trophy) rivalries within the Big Ten. That doesn’t include the newest Iowa/Penn State rivalry that has popped up over the last few years, and it doesn’t include the potential rivalries that Nebraska will make when joining the Big Ten next year (Iowa probably the biggest, then Ohio State, Wisconsin, Minnesota).

10. Michigan-Minnesota: Little Brown Jug

These two teams meet every year in hopes of stealing the Little Brown Jug, a water jug Michigan brought to Minnesota because they feared the Gophers would poison their water (?). Weird. The game ended in a tie after ravaging fans stormed the field with two minutes left and Michigan went home without their jug. Now every year both teams play for possession of the water jug, which ironically is full of poison. Today, Michigan leads 66-22-3.
9. Indiana-Purdue: Old Oaken Bucket

The Oaken Bucket was hand selected from a well on a farm in southern Indiana to represent the rivalry between the schools. A link is added to the bucket every year with either a P or an I, depending on who wins. The first game after the bucket was implementing in 1925 ended in a 0-0 tie (I guess a bucket isn’t that exciting), resulting with an IP link being the first attached. Today, Purdue leads 56-26-3 (or 70-36-6 all-time)
8. Wisconsin-Iowa: Heartland Trophy

The Heartland Trophy (If you don’t love it, leave it) is relatively new but the rivalry is over 100 years old. Started in 2004, the Heartland Trophy is a bronzed bull because both Iowa and Wisconsin are known for bull fighting. Actually, it’s supposed to symbolize how the games are played out between the two schools (delicious?). Today, Iowa leads 4-2, but narrowly leads the all-time record 42-41-2.
7. Minnesota-Penn State: Governor’s Victory Bell

Created to welcome Penn State into the Big Ten in 1991, the Governor’s Victory Bell paired up Penn State and obvious rival Minnesota. Unfortunately with the addition of Nebraska to the Big Ten next year, Minnesota and Penn State will be split up and the “rivalry” will only be held twice every five years. And I don’t think anyone is going to really care. Penn State-Nebraska would be a better one anyway. Today, Penn State leads 7-4.
6. Illinois-Northwestern: Sweet Sioux Tomahawk/Land of Lincoln Trophy

The Sweet Sioux Tomahawk was brought into play in the 1940s with Illinois beating Northwestern 13-7 in Evanston. The trophy was originally a “cigar store” Indian, but was replaced with a tomahawk, which is less offensive to Native Americans, when it was stolen. After deciding that Sweet Sioux and Chief Illiniwek were both too offensive in 2008, Illinois had to ax them. A new trophy, a stovepipe hat similar to what Illinois Legend Abraham Lincoln would wear debuted in 2009. Today, Northwestern leads the LoL Trophy 1-0 and is the official keeper of Sweet Sioux, despite Illinois leading 33-29-2 at its retirement.
5. Iowa-Minnesota: Floyd of Rosedale


meet floyd.


I’ve already talked endlessly about little Floyd on this post, but here’s a refresher: Minnesota decided the two teams should bet their most prized pigs as a trophy one match-up.  Minnesota won, so a pig was taken from Rosedale Farms in Iowa and named after Minnesota’s head coach. From then on, a bronzed statue was use to represent Floyd as PETA stepped in and threw fake blood all over for abusing animal rights. Today, Minnesota has a close lead at 39-34-2, with Iowa winning the last 8 out of 10 meetings.

4. Michigan-Michigan State: Paul Bunyan Trophy



nothing says school pride like a snuggie


This trophy got off to quite a rocky start. Despite playing each other every year, Michigan desperately tried to keep Michigan State from joining the Big Ten. No deal. Michigan State joined in the 1950s and the Paul Bunyan trophy was suggested as a rivalry between the two teams. Michigan, being too good for everybody, wanted no part in it, as it might take away from their other trophy, the Little Brown Jug. While MSU displayed the trophy proudly in their fieldhouse, Michigan kept it in the locker room. And never bothered to engrave the years they won it. And even forgot it on the field a few times.

Today, both the Spartans and the Wolverines have no problem accepting this trophy now that Minnesota has become lost in the weeds. Michigan leads the series 34-22-2.

3. Wisconsin-Minnesota: Paul Bunyan’s Ax

The Midwest sure loves Paul Bunyan, even though I’m pretty sure he’s from the mountains out west. Anyway, Paul Bunyan’s ax is the oldest rivalry in football, dating back to 1890. At first they played for a far superior trophy: a slab of bacon. Minnesota led that series 11-3 before it was “lost” in the 1940s and “found” in 1994. The new ax debuted in 1948, and at over 6-ft-tall, it dwarfs me. in 2003 a new trophy was made, as the old one was filled up with engraved scores of previous meetings. Today, Wisconsin leads 36-24-3.

2. Ohio State-Michigan: The Game

There is no trophy between these two teams, despite being labeled as the greatest rivalry in college football history. It is simply referred to as The Game. Even more awesome than its Capitalized Reference, is the fact that it started over a war. The Toledo War, to be exact. You can read all about it here (I’m tired of typing).

Since The Game has no trophy, only squashed dreams, the history of the rivalry can only be described in eras of dominance. The most era being Big Time Timmy Jim Tressel and his army of football monsters. The most recent notable game was in 2006, when both teams were 11-0 and ranked #1 and #2 in the BCS standings. Ohio State won 42-39 and went on to the BCS National Championship.

In 2011, the two teams will be split up in the new Big Ten divisions, but their rivalry will be protected and will be the last game of the season. Today, Michigan leads 57-43-6.

1. Iowa-Purdue: WWIII

Iowa and Purdue have notoriously the most hatred towards each other than any other team. Purdue Hate Week has come to an end this weekend, but it doesn’t mean that the feelings have lifted. It has, if possible, deepened the resentful feelings and came off as some sort of call to war for next years game against Purdue (they weren’t allowed to meet this year due to numerous on-field deaths during the last game).

Luckily, the Big Ten has decided to honor college football’s greatest rivalry protecting it after the conference splits in 2011. Iowa and Purdue will be able to meet every year, meaning that the search for a trophy, one that can accurately depict the fight to be fought for it (for scalping is frowned upon), has started.

top 10 things i hope ricky stanzi did with his hair over the bye

October 12, 2010

This season, Ricky Stanzi has been sporting some hair quite different from the last. Maybe he grew it out because he loves Justin Bieber (I mean, he’s on Team Edward) or he’s really trying to live up to the Tom Brady comparisons (and Brady definitely loves the Biebs). Either way, I’m not exactly a fan of it and I think his hair has much greater potential. So here are the ten hairstyles I’d like to see him sporting come this Saturday in Ann Arbor.

10. Sayid

Easily the most awesome, badass character on Lost.

9. Friar Tuck

Iowa can win with God on their side

8. Drago

7. Joakim Noah

Then maybe he can get his own Head and Shoulders commercial

6. David Villa

Chicks dig the sensitive, foreign, brooding type. Soul patches are making a comeback.

5. The Lion Cut

Lions are intimidating, right?

4. Zac Efron

Similar to the Bieber, but a little more grown up

3. Hulk Hogan

It screams AMERICA

2. The Situation

Those Jersey Shore kids are everywhere these days.

1. Zach Galifianakis

The beard says, “I’m manly and should be taken seriously,” while the sunglasses say, “But I still like to party.”

top 10 reasons we should have seen this brett favre scandal coming

October 11, 2010

I’m going to take a short break from the Big Ten to focus on the 2nd closet conference to my heart: NFC North. I’m a huge fan of the conference in general, as I don’t have a particular team to call my own. I lost all hope in Chicago teams when I was about 10 years old. That’s when Michael Jordan retired. I took the Cubs back pretty quickly (that’s what Cubs fans do anyway), but the Bulls and the Bears still needed time. The Bulls are on their way back into my heart, but the Bears….I just can’t do it. My parents have accepted my decision, mostly because they’re glad I’m not a Packers fan. I’m afraid to tell them that I love Aaron Rodgers and his beard more than anything in the NFL right now.

Anyway, here is a bit of background information to this post: Brett Favre is some hick from Mississippi who decided he could play ball in the Big Leagues 20 years ago. He won the hearts of many with his good looks, strong jawline, and Southern Charm. After playing college ball along greats such as Nile Kinnick, he was drafted to the Green Bay Packers, part of my fave conference. He played there for 24 years until he decided he was old and done with football. Then he played for the New York Jets (where this scandal takes place), then decided he was old and tired. Then he played for the Minnesota Vikings, breaking the hearts of people like my boyfriend, who spent a good amount of his childhood living in Mississippi before moving to Milwaukee. Favre then decided his ankle hurt and since he couldn’t take any Vicoden, he should retired. Then he decided to play again. And that brings us to right now.

If you haven’t heard yet, there is a “sexting” scandal surrounding Brett Favre that took place during his 2008 season at the New York Jets. You can read all about it here: http://deadspin.com/5658206/brett-favres-cellphone-seduction-of-jenn-sterger

Here are the top 10 reasons we should have all seen this coming:

10. He’s an athlete in the 21st century


i had to write a whole paper about this picture last year.


Athletes nowadays have to have a personal brand; they are all out to make a name for themselves rather than help their team (like LeBron v. Michael Jordan. He would never leave Chicago for Miami). The better the brand, the more devastating the scandal. I’d say Brett Favre has a pretty solid reputation (besides Benedict Arn0ld-ing the Packers) which deserves a solid controversy.


9. The Vikings have not been doing so well

After Michael Vick got out of the clank, he returned to the Eagle’s, took over the starting QB position, and has been playing phenomenally well this season. The Vikings have been shaky after a great run last year (and one of Favre’s best seasons), so more cowbell a scandal is exactly what the doctor ordered to fix this team.


8. He’s a family man.

So was Tiger Woods.


7. The retire/un-retire/retire/un-retire story was getting old

Every mention of Favre on ESPN in the past three years was about his ankle hurting and his retirement and which team would take him next. I could not have cared less.


6. His wife had cancer


i hope i look this good in my 40s and after surviving cancer



So did John Edward’s lady. Didn’t matter; he cheated on her and out popped a love child. Proof that public figures really don’t have any feelings.

5. He’s the oldest guy on the team


you could have gotten away with it if you were this young



Perhaps he was feeling left out because all of his young teammates were out hitting on women at clubs while he stayed home and hung out with his granddaughter (yes, he’s a grandpa). He just wanted to prove that he still has what it takes to roll with the boys. 90’s babies have never lived a day when Favre hasn’t play football. And they’re turning 21 this year.

4. Female reporters have been involved in all sorts of law suits.


this is quite similar to what i wear to job interviews


The latest being Ines Sainz, who claimed men in the New York Jet’s (surprise surprise!) locker room where making comments and catcalling at her while she waited for an interview with Mark Sanchez. Not to put women back 50 years, but she wears skin tight jeans and her boobs hang out of her 3-inch big tops while she’s reporting. Feminists are going to argue that a woman shouldn’t be judged by her clothing, but seriously. She wears low cut tops, posts bikini pictures, and asks to measure players’ biceps in interviews. A catcall is almost expected. The Erin Andrews scandal was even worse. She had a stalker that filmed her in a hotel room curling her hair without clothes on. She sued the hotel for $$$ for giving away her room number and one. And may I point out that she wears dress slacks, jackets, and tops that cover herself up on the job.

This girl, Jenn Sterger, was a Florida State Cowgirl (fake cheerleader) with fake boobs and a dream to pose for Playboy. Well, she did. Good for her. Then she decided she loves sports and wanted to be a reporter, so she signed on with the New York Jets as the in house reporter. But here’s where her story is different: yes there are bikini pictures of her out there. And she may not be a “real” journalist. But she rejected Brett Favre’s advances and kept herself covered while working.

3. He’s Brett Favre


i'm just a baby!


He can do anything–literally, anything– that is wrong and America’s reaction will be the same: “Aw shucks, it’s little Brett from Mississippi. He could never do something like that.” Well guess what. He did!

2. The allegations started around August.


his smirk is full of secrets



During the last hour of Googling my research I found that reports of this first started around August of this year with snapshots from pictures comparing the wrist watch on the hand in said photo to the watch Favre was wearing in a recent press conference. Surprise, the watches are identical. It wasn’t until now that MySpace messages (seriously Brett? MySpace? Are you 15-years-old?) and voicemails were discovered, sparking an investigation from the NFL

1. He was in New York


typical new york college students... gross


He gave of the Midwest for the East Coast. If you’ve read this blog before, you know that I despise the East Coast as much as I do Purdue (Iowa’s most hated rival). It messed with Favre’s head, gave him big city dreams. He worked hard, tried to meet the right people. He did things he would never mention again to get on top. He thought he was special from the other guys, only to find out that he wasn’t. Actually, that was last night’s episode of Boardwalk Empire.

top 10 things to look forward to: week 6

October 8, 2010

10. USC v. no. 16 Stanford

First Reggie Bush has to return his Hiesman, and now USC is has fallen out of the top 25 for the first time since 1847. I kind of (key phrase: kind of) feel bad for them. Maybe they can rally against the no. 16 Stanford Creepy Trees and make a Michael Vick comeback.
9. Search for Halloween costumes

Sexy Sesame Street characters are my no. 1 pick for this year.

8. no. 7 Nebraska v. Kansas State

Nebraska’s not in the Big Ten yet, but since I’m skeptical of the move I like to keep close tabs on them. So far so good.
7. USA v. Poland

Tim Howard's Tourette's up close and personal

Did you guys know that the USA Men’s National Soccer Team (the same team that showed England where to stuff it in the World Cup) is playing a friendly against Poland this weekend at Soldier Field? Well I did. I’ll be in the stands drinking $8 Miller Lite, playing my vuvuzeela, and ready to throw some nasty anti-Poland comments (I’ve already come up with a few, but they are not class website appropriate)

6. no. 1 Alabama v. no. 19 South Carolina

So there are a lot of predictions going around that Alabama is going to lose to South Carolina this weekend. Something about how Bama knows they are set for the rest of the season, blah blah blah, can kick back and relax… whatever. That attitude would not fly in the Big Ten, and I don’t appreciate their work ethic. I hope South Carolina tears them apart.
5. no. 20 Wisconsin v. Minnesota

It’s that time of year for Wisconsin and Minnesota: Paul Bunyan’s ax! It’s Homecoming this weekend in Madison, so I kind of hope the Badgers win. But then again… Minnesota. I have a love/hate relationship with Madison. Its a great town (free bacon at Wando’s every night!) and I’ll be moving there after I graduate, but I look terrible in red and Bucky doesn’t have a neck.
4. no. 17 Michigan State v. no. 18 Michigan

I feel for Michigan State this year and hope they do well (not better than the Hawks). They are officially the “underdogs” after Penn State pooped all over that role–the same role that Iowa was in last year. Beating Michigan at their own stadium would prove that MSU is a top competitor this season.
3. Illinois v. Penn State

I had to look up where Penn State was ranked, but they aren’t. Oh well. Maybe their annoying fans will shut up.
2. Another Big Ten turning point?

The first week of conference play was supposed to determine where the teams were for the rest of the season. But now it could all change. While I don’t see Ohio State coming down from no. 1, Michigan and Michigan State are battling it out for top Michigan team (trick: there is no good team from Michigan). If Wisconsin hasn’t gotten over it’s heartbreaking loss against Michigan State last week, it could slip up against Minnesota. And Iowa… well Iowa isn’t playing this week. Hurray!


1. Start of Midterms

I would get more done if our library looks like this.


just a quick thought nugget

October 4, 2010

Why haven’t I seen this yet? I hope he uses the same picture with the Indianapolis Colts.

ten thoughts about iowa’s win against pennsylvania state university

October 4, 2010

10. Kinnick looked GOOD

need i say more?

9.  Where were the PSU fans?

From the looks of it in the picture above, there were no Penn State fans there? I can tell from the black out by the far end zone that that side is the student section. If that is true, Penn State fans should have been located just to the left. But all I see are black and gold stripes. I’m not complaining or anything, just observing.
8. They don’t tip very well

probably because they have no place for their wallets

While they might have not been at the game (perhaps they were scared?), Penn State fans were downtown. A lot of them. I worked from 7:30am-2:00am and had my fair share of them to take care of. They were horrible tippers. Like 5-10%, if that. Even broke college students dig up change (or charge it to their parents) if they don’t have enough cash to leave a 20% tip.

7. To the guys wearing long sleeve shirts made out of paint…

I applaud you. To me, that is football. Wearing absolutely nothing (except a beer jacket) during the coldest games while never stopping to cheer on your team is something I’ve always associated with this time of year. But someone on a football forum pointed out that teams from the south (ACC/SEC) NEVER travel up north to play their games. The Big Ten always has to travel down there. Enjoying warm weather for an October/November game is always nice, but would it kill a southern team to come up here for once? I know I know, playing in 45-50 degrees is a lot to ask for a team like Florida, who actually doesn’t ever leave the state of Florida (because Florida is a weird state).

6. Adam Robinson is a force

He ran the ball 28 times this past game. 28! Although it only accounted for 95 total yards, the second lowest he’s had, he put up a good fight out there when Penn State finally started to shape up their defense in the second half. With Jewel Hampton out for the season and Brandon Wegher away being a child, 28 carries per game will probably start looking like the norm rather than a one time deal.

5. Bolden will be phenomenal in the next few years

That kid, just a little baby freshman, stood up against Iowa’s defense and came out alive. That in itself is something to praise. He looked a bit overwhelmed and nervous, but so would anyone that is in target of Adrian Clayborn. He went 20 for 37, which isn’t too terrible, but there were a lot of dropped passes. A lot. Some may have been his fault, other might not have been. But all I’m saying is give this guy a year or two and he could be one of the best college quarterbacks in the Big Ten.

4. Iowa fans are some of the best fans I’ve ever seen

like these two gentlemen at the boise state-virginia tech game

I have a lot of customer interaction at my place of employment, so I’ve seen all different types of fans. There are the drunk college guys who talk trash and throw out profanities about other teams, but what school doesn’t have those fans? The majority that I’ve had the opportunity to talk to really just love the game of football (duh, we’re in the Midwest). The respect Penn State as an amazing football program. They respect all other teams they play. They are all little clones of Kirk Ferentz, preaching sportsmanship and aerobic gum-chewing to the masses.

3. Kirk Ferentz prematurely rushing the field

"i'm so embarrassed!" "i won't tell"

Sorry Kirk! There was 0:01 on the clock, giving Penn State the opportunity to score the 3 touchdowns needed to beat Iowa.

2. What was Penn State thinking?

Beginning of the fourth quarter, Penn State is 4-and-1. And then they have a false start penalty called on them. Okay, poor judgment on that one. Then they punt it on 4-and-6.

They were at the 50-yard-line, why not try and make something out of it? They were down 17-3 in the fourth quarter! It would not have hurt anyone.

1. Clayborn came alive, once again.

Last year’s Penn State game was hailed as the birth of Adrian Clayborn. Everyone was expecting great, magical, wonderful things from him this season, but so far his stats failed to impress (even though his highlight reel totes has). This weekend, Clayborn had a season high 10 tackles, 3 of them for loss (total 19 yards), and a 15-yard sack.